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Pizza DIXIT is finally in English!

by Giuseppe A. D'Angelo
Pizza DIXIT welcome

Welcome to the English version of Pizza DIXIT. And it was about time!

If you’re A long time reader, you know this blog is online since the end of 2015. Feels like ages ago.

Since its inception, the blog aimed at helping Italian expats like me in finding a good Neapolitan pizza abroad. That’s actually the main reason why I never wanted to make an English version of it, although my closest friends always advised me to do so.

But things have changed during these years and, with my surprise, I started to gather also an international audience. Mainly because on my social channels (Facebook and Instagram) I started to post in double language, with the aim of approaching my non-italian readers.

Still, providing English contents on my website required an effort in terms of time and commitment, which I didn’t really have.

Well, pandemic has changed everything, and now I’ve plenty of time. But, also, I acquired a different perspective of understanding the needs of the international audience.

That’s why the English version of my blog won’t be a mere translation of the Italian one. Actually, it will provide a lot of original contents dedicated to people from all around the world, with a different purpose.

The Italian blog wants to tell other Italian people where to find a good Neapolitan pizza abroad. The English version wants to tell everything about the culture of pizza in Italy, starting from my beloved hometown of Naples and going way beyond.

This is going to be a new exciting adventure for me, and I hope you will get on board.

Enough with the words. Let’s get it started!

Oh, I forgot one thing: LONG LIVE THE PIZZA! FOR EVER!!


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